New Facebook Rule "Your Landing Pages have to Comply or get Banned"


Revealed The Worlds First 1 Click Ad Compliant Bridge Page Builder That Is Responsible For $96,000 in 14 Days + Only Took 60 Seconds To Create...

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For those that don’t know who we are, we’re Dan Dasilva, Firas Alameh and Austin Anthony. We have been responsible for helping over 5,000 students with our courses and tools to go from nothing to hundreds even thousands per day. Some students even going to making well over 6 and 7 figures purely with our tools and training which is highly expected since our #1 goal is to see you succeed.

Now what we are about to share with you is the EXACT tool that allows us to create ad compliant bridge pages with a single click that sites like FaceBook, Instagram and even Pinterest ABSOLUTELY love and allow us to generate THOUSANDS of dollars on complete autopilot.

Lets Face It, FaceBook IS NOT Friendly If You Are A Small Advertiser

& there's one TINY Little ‘Flaw’ in the system …

The same flaw that will allow you To rake in THOUSANDS of Dollars

We noticed a HUGE problem recently… Average people are getting their ad accounts shut down left and right because of the pages they are using… and 99% of the time that's the reason. No wonder why you aren't seeing the results you want. It’s impossible to get any results with account being banned every single day due to your landing page. It makes sense why the ‘gurus’ keep getting wealthier. It’s because they have the tools that allow them to become ‘ad compliant’. The same tools they REFUSE to share with you because of how powerful it is.

When I First Realized My Ad Account Was Always In Jeopardy Of Being Banned Because My Landing Pages… I Had To Figure Out A Way Around That...

Take a look at this ad, a Commerce campaign that IS NOT going directly to a shop…

(This campaign generated over $30,000 in a single month using A Simple Bridge Page)

Or with affiliate marketing.. And we ALL know FB HATES affiliate marketers… this ad made well

OVER 6 Figures

In a matter of 30 days because of their bridge page.

I Thought To Myself, Why Don’t I Create A Software To Duplicate Those Pages While Keeping My Ad Account Safe...

Can you guess what happens next? I did some research and gathered comprehensive data, found WHERE these ads were taking users once they clicked… and I started to notice a trend… I reached out to a good friend of mine to help me test this and my INCOME EXPLODED and my ad account was 100% safe.

I’m Talking Over $15,000 Generated In Under A Week

But There Was 1 Major Problem

There was no way I could manage all these pages on my server. I didn’t know how to code, or have the money to hire a programmer. I had to go in…. And manually edit EVERY page… one by one...

I Got To Thinking

What If I Could Automate This Entire Process With a Few Clicks Of My Mouse

Just think how easy it would be if you could create a page in 1 single click that generates all your legal pages, put your videos in for you, edit your headlines, subheadlines, and even have smart technology built in to detect device user is browsing on & ALL of this will take less than 2 minutes.

Most Importantly What If I Could Have A String Of Text Automatically Generated On Each Page So You Can Have 100% Ad Compliant Pages And Watch The Money Roll Into Your Account Every Single Day.

Countless Amounts Of People Said It Was Impossible, So I Created The Solution And These Have Been The Results...

You Can Finally Start Seeing Results Like These In A Matter Of Minutes

$61,608 Profit In 4 Months

Promoting affiliate offers via FaceBook ads using nothing but AdBridger.

$10,028 In a DAY

Using the correct platform to sell his eCommerce products and bridging out.

$5,787 In 1 Promotion

Using Bridge Pages Anthony was able to craft a 5 figure promotion in a single day.

$5,233+ In Just 1 Day

Using Bridge Pages has been a shortcut to creating massive success with her eCommerce store.

Making Over $1,000 In A Single Day By Running Successful Campaigns Selling Physical or Digital Products Using AdBridger

Introducing AdBridger

AdBridger is the world's FIRST and only ad compliant 1 click bridge page builder that will allow you to generate THOUSANDS of dollars with your campaigns

Start Making Money Once You Get Access To AdBridger

Now you can instantly create high converting bridge pages with a single click of a button that automatically make your pages ad compliant so you’ll never have to worry about getting banned.

Start Seeing Results With Your Bridge Pages In 2 Minutes From Now, It’s Just THAT Simple.

AdBridger Is The World's First Tool That Will Easily Allow You To Instantly Run High Converting Ad Compliant Campaign On Complete Autopilot.


Create your bridge Pages
in 1 swift click

Legal Pages

Create your legal pages with your own information.

Web 2.0 builder

We have a built in HTML Drag-n-drop editor.

Smartcode Technology

Auto detect your videos rather than using complicated API’s

Ad Compliancy

100% Ad Compliant Bridge Pages

100% Set and Forget

Once you create your pages they are yours forever.

AdBridger Will Start Having You Make Money Today, Here’s How...

Quickly and Easily Make 5 Figures With 1 campaign

AdBridger allows you to crank out Bridge pages that make your visitors whip out their credit card and purchase whatever you have to offer.

Create Your Bridge Pages In A Single Click

Simply enter your information and we will go ahead and handle all the heavy coding and design for you.

Easily Create Your Pages With 1 Single Click

Instantly view that page with all your content perfectly created

First Ever Built In 1 Click Legal Page Creator

(never before scene)

Never have to worry about legal pages again. We’ve spent thousands with our lawyer to bring you the BEST legal page that FaceBook, Instagram and other social advertisers LOVE!

Enter your information and click submit

Legal page created in a single click

User Friendly Drag­-N-­Drop Web 2.0 Builder

Want to take full control? We make sure you have full control of every video, background image, link, button and everything else on your page with our state of the art builder.

Our Builder Gives You Full Controlt

Drag­-N-­Drop To Your Heart's Desire.

Smartcode Technology

No more having to integrate with video players. Your smart code automatically detect if you are using vimeo or YouTube and codes your page automatically taking all the hard work out for you.

Ad Compliancy Approved

FaceBook and other Advertisers LOVE when your pages have legal links, footer disclaimers and privacy policies. With AdBridger we do all this for you, so you’ll never have to worry.

Compliancy Text for FaceBook Ads

Terms of Service.

Choose Your Legal Pages and Create

100% Custom Domain Name ­We Host Your Pages For You

At AdBridger, we are super happy to let you know that we will handle all the hosting for you. You’ll never have to pay monthly for AdBridger.

Custom Domain to host all your pages

never pay for unnecessary costs of hosting. We have you covered

High Converting Templates At Your Fingertips

Our team is always adding more templates. The templates you have instant access to are responsible for over multiple 6 figures alone.

Over $96,000 in 14 days with this Template

Responsible for over multiple 6 figure projects alone with this one template.

You Have Access To Our High Converting Templates…

Pick your template and start cranking out high converting pages that convert like crazy in a just a few clicks.

Multiple User Accounts (First 1,000 Users Only)

Inside Of AdBridger you can add your freelancers so they can edit, manage and create pages for you.

Tons Of


​ Cloud Based Servers

​The World’s First Ad Compliant Bridge Page Creator..

​1 Click Page Creator

​ No Monthly Fees

​ 100% Set And Forget Pages

(create and let them work for you)

​ Works on ANY PC and ANYONE Can Easily Use This

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Grand Opening Week Exclusive Bonuses

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14 Day Money Back

  • If you don't like the software for any reason or simply just don't want it you are safe guarded by our 14 day 100% money back guarantee.
  • We won’t ask any question and send you your small investment RIGHT back to your account.
  • This means there is literally NO RISK for for you. It’s all on us and all you have to do is use the software to profit.

I Know You Are Smart Enough To Realize How Incredible This Is.

It’s Time For YOU To Get Results Like This RIGHT Now.

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One Time Payment

AdBridger Gold

  • 1 Click Page Install
  • Lifetime Membership
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  • Unlimited Freelancer Accounts
  • Unlimited Page Views
AdBridger Gold


Don't forget you are covered by our iron clad 14 day money back guarantee. We wanted to make sure you have NO REASON to not get inside. Think of this as an 'insurance policy' on your hard earned money. We are going to let you test drive AdBridger to the fullest and even make money using it.

Just remember, this is not a get rich quick scheme - rather a REAL system you can implement starting tonight to start earning thousands of dollars every single week. If you are ready to finally change your life and see real results, scroll up and claim your package now before its too late and you've missed your chance for good.


We are only offering this amazing discount on AdBridger for our 4 day launch period. Once this page is taken down (which it will be in a few days from now) the price will be put back to $67 per month. If you want access for years this is your chance to get inside now before its too late. Wondering if this is for you? Well, let me tell you who this ISN'T for and I will let you you decide.

This isn't for you if you don't want to thousands of dollars and ensure your ad account doesn't get banned. This also isn't for you if you are prepared to lose your ad account without using AdBridger and you are FULLY aware what happens if you create NON COMPLIANT pages. You run a HIGH chance of getting your ad account banned.

If you are ready to create highly profitable campaigns and want to start seeing REAL results with your hard work, AdBridger is for you. Claim your spot now before its too late.



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